Danny Rossi is a Canadian born singer-songwriter best known as the lead singer of the Montreal based band ONE. His charismatic and entertaining on-stage persona combined with distinctive vocals earns him the reputation of dynamic frontman. Discovering bands such as Mötley Crüe and Guns n’ Roses at a young age led him to playing guitar and bass but it wasn’t long before he assumed the role of vocalist.


          Born in Montreal, Quebec, Rossi is first generation Canadian of Italian immigrants who hoped he would bury his head in studies and become a doctor or lawyer. Obviously music had become Danny’s passion, first love and obsession; so nothing could stop him from fulfilling his dream. Being raised in an environment where you weren’t just given something because you wanted it, Rossi got a summer job in a warehouse where he saved every penny to buy his very first bass guitar

and amplifier at Steve’s Music Store. “It was a 4 string Samick bass and Peavey 110 bass amp,” he recalls but “It just wasn’t enough!” So, off to the smaller local music store, Kitts Music, he went and found a 5 string Ibanez Sound Gear. Shorty thereafter he traded in that old 4 string for his first acoustic guitar. “I still have both that 5 string bass and that crappy acoustic guitar. I can’t part with them even if I wanted to… They keep me grounded. They remind me of how hard I had to work to earn them. I shouldn’t call that guitar crappy though; some of our ballads were started on that thing.”


          Rossi started a band with childhood friends but it wasn’t until years later, when he met guitarist Chris Staniforth that it all came together. When they joined forces they set out to find other musicians to complement the musical style they were trying to achieve. “We basically formed a band with some guys where we swapped singing, playing guitar and bass,” Rossi explains. The duo outgrew the band as Danny’s vocal talent began to shine. They searched for musicians that would complete the band that would eventually become ONE, recorded and released the debut album Never Say Never in 2006 followed by Dirty Valentine in 2009, Worlds Collide in 2012 and a soon to be released fourth album in 2017.





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